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Innovative Electronics Innovative Electronics - Quality Rig Instrumentation Quality Oilfield Instrumentation
"Quality By Design, Satisfaction by Performance - Since 1988"

Mission Statement: Be a Leading Supplier of Superior Quality and Value "Open System Architecture" Products & Support Services That Meet Customer Specifications and Requirements

Innovative Electronics
Innovative Electronics designs and manufactures
electronic and hydraulic Oilfield instrumentation for oil & gas drilling rigs,
including land rigs, semi-submersibles and jack-ups.
Innovative Electronics

  • Rig Floor Instrumentation - Analog and Digital
    Eliminate Factory Service Calls - Reduce Operating Costs
    commissioned and maintained by .... Rig Personnel!
      Our 9000 Series Drilling Instrumentation is designed to be installed,
      >>NEW! << 4 to 20 Ma mud return flow paddle
    Our new 4 to 20Ma drilling mud flow paddle has fewer moving parts and no potentiometers to wear out.

  • Drawworks Disc Brake Systems
      For new builds or QUICK upgrades from drawworks band brake to Drawworks Disc Brake, in the yard or between rig moves
  • Traveling Block Controller - Patent #5,342,020
      Protect the crown and the floor with this improved KEMS type system
      Add the autodriller option for complete, band, disc or Eaton brake control
  • Battery Powered Instruments
      Two and Three pump stroke counters
  • Martin Decker® (MD TOTCO® Div of VARCO®)
      Equivalent hydraulic and electronic spare parts
  • Hydraulic Rig Instrumentation
  • Computer Based Instrumentation
  • Drawworks Controls
  • integrated Drillers Cabins
  • Ballast Monitoring and Control System
  • Engine Monitoring
  • Winch \ Windlass Monitoring
  • Bulk Inventory Management
HMI Touchscreen Systems

I-View Model 9850
I-View Model 9300 Rig Monitoring and Reporting System

Drawworks Disk Brake Piston

Drilling Console

Innovative Electronics

Fully Integrated Rig Monitoring System Fully Integrated Rig Monitoring Systems
FIRMS® is a modular, multiple platform drilling rig instrumentation system which can be implemented in full or part, using open architecture system components which are available world wide. Our FIRMS® system is based on components from major manufacturers ensuring worldwide availability of service and spare parts. The FIRMS® system can be implemented over a period of time, saving capital costs, downtime, and eliminating project scheduling conflicts. Any component of our FIRMS® system can be implemented as a stand alone system, or as part of a total rig management system.

OEM Products
Our experience in providing control systems for rugged industrial and offshore environments uniquely qualifies us to supply your OEM control systems needs

Design Services
Includes upgrades of existing rig systems, such as, Honeywell, Paul-Munroe and Baylor ballast control systems. Design & OEM Manufacturing of special instruments and systems including OEM manufacturing.

Visit us at OTC 2017 -- 1 - 4 May, 2017 -- Booth 2405

Innovative Electronics has exhibited at OTC every year for almost three decades.

Innovative Electronics

Innovative Electronics
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